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    Big Data-as-a-Service Solutions Will Revolutionize Big Data

    Big Data services offered in the cloud is nothing new. In the past years, we have seen many Big Data vendors that have created Big Data solutions that can be accessed via the web to crunch and analyse your data. Recently, however, we have seen the rise of a new type of offering: Big Data-as-a-Service solutions. These solutions differ from Software-as-a-Service solutions or Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions, as they are more or less a combination of those two. This results in a complete package for companies to start working with Big Data. But what is Big Data as a Service and how could [...]

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    5 Interview Questions for Your Next Big Data Vendor

    It's easy to have unrealistic expectations of big data companies considering all the hype surrounding big data and predictive analytics. If you need to choose a big data vendor, you have an increasing number of options, but it's important to go into the decision with realistic expectations about what you want big data to do for you. Since we just launched our Big Data Company index, let's dive a bit deeper in selecting the right Big Data vendor. Just because a big data vendor can do something you need doesn't mean you'll actually derive business value from it. That's one reason many [...]

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    How Will The Future Of Big Data Impact The Way We Work And Live?

    The semantic web, or web 3.0, is often quoted as the next phase of the Internet. In a previous post, I discussed the impact of big data on the semantic web, and I mentioned that the semantic web would enable all humans as well as all internet connected devices to communicate with each other as well as share and re-use data in different forms across different applications and organizations in real-time. The future of big data takes full advantages of the semantic web, and it will have a vast impact on organisations and society. Jason Hoffman, CTO of Joyent, predicts that the future of big [...]

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