• Big Data Analytics vs Customer Centricity
    • Internet of Things and the Industrial Internet
    • Becoming data-driven and information-centric
    • Developing a successful Big Data strategy
    • Integrating the Internet of Things in your business
    • Gaining competitive advantage through data
    • Incorporating Blockchain within your organization
    • Automating your business with AI

    Today, we are on the brink of entering a completely new and connected world; a connected world where billions or even trillions of devices are connected to the Internet and to each other, in real-time. This connected world will change how organizations should be managed. It will change how organization should approach innovation. And it will change how organizations should connect with their customers. The Internet of Everything will change innovation as we know it.

    In addition, a fundamental aspect of winning organizations is their capability to solve problems from a user perspective. This user perspective can either be monitored via data analytics or based on intuition, inspiration and gut feeling; also know as Design Thinking. With the advance of Big Data Analytics, we see a trend towards the first. However, what should we do if we live in a world so full of data, that over-reliance on the rational and analytical is a result? What happens with organizations if algorithms determine what to do, which product to sell, which market to approach and how to organize your business? Intuition, feeling and inspiration are important aspects within organizations that especially in a connected world should remain. But how should organizations combine these? How should organizations use design thinking in a connected world to remain/become competitive?

    If you wish to gain a competitive advantage and stay relevant in the coming years, these are important questions that you need to find answers to. It is Van Rijmenam's perspective that organizations who do not start with a Big Data, Blockchain or AI today, will be out of business in the next five years. So get started today with your data strategy. Van Rijmenam applies his unique approach and methodology to help you become a data-driven and information-centric organization that will be around for decades to come.


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