• Big Data and how to become Data-Driven
    • What is the Blockchain and why is it important
    • Customer centricity using Big Data
    • Disruptive Innovation
    • Cultural Change in a World Full of Data
    • Design Thinking within an Information-Centric culture
    • The Internet of Things and a Connected World
    • Mega Trends Impacting Our Future
    • Motivational Speaking: Achieving your Dreams

    Van Rijmenam is a leading authority on Big Data and how organizations should build a data-centric organization. Van Rijmenam’s keynote speeches are inspirational and provide the audience a deep understanding about the accelerated change that we are currently experiencing. He focuses on topics such as Big Data, Analytics, Blockchain, Emerging Trends and Technologies, IoT and Disruptive Innovation. So far he spoke in The Netherlands, France, UK, Germany, USA, Colombia, South Africa, Dubai, Australia.

    Thanks to his broad knowledge of major trends that affect societies and organizations, he can inspire your audience about what’s happening and how you should be ready for the changes ahead. He can provide you with a glimpse of the future and how your organization should be ready for it. Using countless inspiring examples of organizations from around the world, Van Rijmenam provides handles how to deal with Big Data and our changing world.

    Trends such as Big Data, the Internet of Things, the Industrial Internet, Quantified-Self, 3D printing, Real-time analytics are changing our world and how we should do business. If you wish to be ready for a data-driven future, Van Rijmenam is the right person to have at your event.


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