• The Future of Work
    • The Organisation of Tomorrow
    • The Collaboration Era: How to Thrive in an Exponential World
    • Big Data and how to become Data-Driven
    • What is the Blockchain and why is it important
    • Customer centricity using Big Data
    • Disruptive Innovation
    • The Decentralised Economy
    • Cultural Change in a World Full of Data
    • Design Thinking within an Information-Centric culture
    • The Internet of Things and a Connected World
    • Mega Trends Impacting Our Future
    • Artificial Intelligence: Good or Bad?

    My keynotes focus on the future of work and how to build the organisation of tomorrow using emerging technologies including big data, blockchain, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. I believe that every organisation is a data organisation, which brings massive opportunities but also comes with great responsibilities. In my talks, I discuss the importance of data security, data governance and data privacy to help organisations understand how to build a customer-centric business using emerging technologies.

    My keynotes are targeted at large organisations who understand they have to digitally transform their business, but who do not yet know where to start. My keynotes are perfectly suited as an inspirational opening keynote to give everyone a shared understanding of emerging technologies and how they will change the future of work and have an impact on the organisation of tomorrow. This will help set the scene for more in-depth keynotes and break-out sessions later during an event.

    What are My Top Three Topics?

    1. The Future of Work: The organisation of tomorrow will look fundamentally different than today's organisation. Those enterprises that are aware of the upcoming changes can best prepare and achieve competitive advantage in a data-driven society. Consequently, the future of work will require management and employees to take a different approach when it comes to creating and delivering a product or service. The future of work will be defined by three concepts: data, decentralisation and automation that will radically change leadership, culture, privacy and security. In this keynote, Dr Van Rijmenam will share valuable insights around the future of work and how to build a competitive business.

    2. How to Prepare for a Data-Driven Future: We live in exponential times and simply having a digital strategy focused on continuous innovation is no longer enough to thrive in a constantly changing world. To transform an organisation and contribute to building a secure and rewarding networked society, collaboration among employees, customers, business units and even things is increasingly becoming key. In this keynote, Van Rijmenam will discuss how big data, blockchain and AI will change collaboration and in doing so enable a networked society.

    3. How to Innovate in today’s World: We live in a world of accelerated change and disruptive innovations are challenging the status quo for organisations. The common denominator of all these innovations? They produce data, lots of it, which can be used to create magical experiences that were unthinkable before. In order to remain competitive, organisations need to obtain a different perspective on their business and develop a culture of innovation.

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