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    From purchasing transactions, to chatter from social networks, to web server logs, to satellite imagery, to traffic flow sensors, it’s estimated that we now create–every two days –as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003. What’s more, it’s expected that the amount of data currently available will double every two years world­wide as virtually everything becomes digitized.

    The insights provided by Big Data–the massive volume of information too complex and dynamic to be able to process, store, analyze, and man­age with traditional data tools–enable organizations to make better decisions, improve efficiency, decrease costs, and increase revenue. Yet many companies don’t even realize its benefits…and if they do, may still not know how to take advantage of it.

    Sharing best practices from companies that have implemented a Big Data strategy including Walmart, InterContinental Hotel Group, Walt Disney, and Shell, Think Bigger reveals how to harness the power of Big Data for your organization. Filled with practical guidance, the book shows you how to:

    • Foster an information-centric culture, and enable your employees to develop new operational, tactical, and strategic plans based on real data instead of calculated estimates.
    • Know what products to digitize, and how best to utilize public data marketplaces containing already-collected information that could benefit your organization.
    • Determine the best way to analyze the data you have using open source tools, analyses, and technologies like Hadoop and MapReduce.
    • Establish clear guidelines for respecting your customers’ privacy.
    • Put the right security measures and procedures in place to protect your organization’s and your customers’ data, including a crisis plan in the event that you get hacked.

    Think Bigger examines Big Data’s impact on specific industries, as well as the use of mobile and real-time data. The book takes a clear-eyed look at the growing use of sensor-enabled devices, and the rise of the “quantified self,” as more and more consumers use technology to track everything from how much they eat to how many calories they burn. You’ll discover how to use gamification tactics such as check-ins, badges, and loyalty programs to generate vast amounts of data in a user-friendly and engaging environment.

    Big Data has already begun changing the way business, and even society, is operated. Think Bigger is an essential resource for ensuring that your company isn’t left in the dust.


    “I like how well researched this book is. The author has clearly taken his time to educate himself of not only the aspects of big data, but also the everyday uses and benefits of using big data. Great read for those looking to improve their knowledge base on the subject.” – Frederick L. Tipton

    “This book covers so much and covers it so well that I find it difficult to decide how to proceed. Mark van Rijmenam’s objective is provide the information, insights, and counsel that business leaders need to develop and then implement an appropriate (key word) Big Data strategy for their business. As he observes, “Big Data is changing how organizations operate and are managed. It also changes how society works and how consumers live. The impact of Big Data on society will be big, but it remains to be seen how society will impact Big Data.”” – Robert Morris

    As the founder of a big data startup, I have seen and read my fair share of books on big data. In my experience, the authors generally spend an excess amount of time attempting to sell readers on the hype that is big data. Mark van Rijmenam, however, removed the hype and took a more immersive approach. For those who are relatively new to big data, topics such as 7 V’s (originally 4 but Mark included 3 additional V’s), IoT (Internet of Things) etc. are carefully covered. Careful steps were also taken to defuse misnomers surrounding the moniker “big data”. On the other hand, veterans in the big data space can benefit from detailed advice provided on strategies, succeeding with big data projects within an organization and the numerous amount of case studies that Mark carefully walked through.

    “Think Bigger” is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for anyone who is looking to get into big data. Mark does an excellent job of introducing new technologies and terminologies while simultaneously guiding readers through the often times murky waters of big data strategies. This book stimulates enthusiasm, promotes creativity and, most important, provides much needed clarity on big data.

    “Think Bigger” is by far one of the best books I’ve read on big data, bar none. As a result, I’ve recommended this guide on big data strategies to all of my Silicon Valley associates. – Ethan-Anthony

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