• If you want to retain the trust of your customers, you better make sure that you don't have any data breaches. As this infographic, developed by Gemalto, shows, data breaches have a significant impact on consumer trust, loyalty and the perception of how seriously companies take the security of customers' personal and financial data.

    According to the survey "nearly two-thirds (64%) of consumers surveyed worldwide say they are unlikely to shop or do business again with a company that had experienced a breach where financial information was stole‚Äčn, and almost half (49%) had the same opinion when it came to data breaches where personal information was stolen."

    A loss of trust can be very expensive for any organization, especially if it is due to a data breach. Therefore, organizations should do what it takes to prevent a data breach from happening. By taking the right technical security measures as well as cultural / process measures a lot of data breaches can be prevented as quite often a data breach occurs due to human errors.

    Unfortuantely, data breaches will not go away very soon and it is likely that if you are a large organization, it is just a matter of time before you will be hacked and you data will be breached. Therefore, not only focus on prevention, but also develop an emergency plan in the case a data breach actually occurs.

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