• From data to a connected organization
    • Customer centricity through data
    • Industry 4.0 - preparing your organization
    • Developing a successful Big Data strategy
    • Integrating the Internet of Things in your business

    Not only your executives need to be trained in Big Data, the Internet of Things and the disruptive trends that affect your organization, but also the managers and employees at all other levels within your organization. 

    Van Rijmenam has developed several workshops that will inspire and prepare your employees to be ready for a data-driven future. As an expert on topics such as Big Data analytics, data-driven strategies, the business side of the Internet of Things, design thinking and customer-centricity within a data-driven organization, Van Rijmenam will create a tailor-made interactive workshop. Workshops can be 1-day, 2-days or 3-days and can be given anywhere in the world.


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